Apple cuts iPhone 12 mini in favor of iPhone 12 Pro

Apple cuts iPhone 12 mini in favor of iPhone 12 Pro

Lowered a company Apple produced the iPhone 12 mini by 2 million units to provide more manufacturing capacity for the iPhone 12 Pro, according to For a note A new investment from Morgan Stanley investment banking services company.

The investment note from Morgan Stanley also confirms reports that sales of the iPhone 12 lineup as a whole were higher than expected.

While sales of the iPhone 12 mini in particular have been disappointing, the note indicates that Apple is still struggling to keep up with demand for the iPhone 12 Pro.

Apple is believed to have made the switch in the first quarter of 2021, in an effort to reduce ongoing delivery times for the most popular iPhone 12 Pro‌s.

The note said: iPhone 12 Pro delivery times remain long and extended beyond any model launched in the past four years.

She added: The estimated lead time decreased by about 22 days to about two weeks with Apple increasing production of iPhone 12, and it recently raised production in the March quarter of the iPhone 12 Pro to 2 million units by reducing production of the iPhone 12 mini by 2 million units.

The report supports the previous analysis that the iPhone 12 mini suffered from weak sales, as it accounted for only 6 percent of total sales of the iPhone 12‌‌ during the launch period.

The report also highlighted that regular iPhone 12 models are believed to be selling better in China than in the United States, with iPhone shipments growing 47 percent year on year in the December quarter, reaching a new 18-month high of 20.3 percent.

This is largely due to the iPhone 12 lineup, which achieved the largest mounting base for any iPhone launched in China over the past four years within the first full month after its launch.

Results from Apple’s supply chain in Taiwan point to the third consecutive month of exponential growth in revenue year over year and the third consecutive month of strongest growth from the season.

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