Apple continues to develop independent auto chips

Apple continues to develop independent auto chips

She goes on a company Apple is advancing the autonomous car project development, as it is working with TSMC to develop self-driving chips, according to To report New from Digitimes.

The company is exploring the possibility of having some type of plant in the United States and is beginning initial talks with the global supply chain for auto electronics.

The report provides some rare information about the ongoing workflow within the company’s Project Titan autonomous vehicle project.

Project Titan is currently focused on developing autonomous driving technology that can be used in cars made by other manufacturers, rather than Apple itself producing a car.

Reported report A recent Bloomberg News reported a company Apple may She changed her leadership that oversees her secret project Autonomous car maker named Project Titan, so that Autonomous car unit has acquired a new commander.

The Digitimes report notes that Apple is working with TSMC to develop self-driving chipset technology.

Notably, Tesla is also working with TSMC on developing the HW4.0 autonomous driving chip, which could be ready for production in the fourth quarter of 2021.

TSMC previously reported that it has published the Apple Car program and has its own R&D plant in Nanke, and is collaborating with STMicroelectronics to accelerate development of GaN technology, with separate and integrated GaN components being brought to market.

Apple and TSMC have a wide relationship, as the company manufactures the A-series chips used in the iPhone and iPad, as well as the new Apple Silicon chips used in the Mac computers.

Trusted analyst reported (Ming-Chi KuoMing-Chi Kuo also announced that TSMC will supply Apple’s car chips.

The report says: The Apple car model is similar to the Tesla model, without explaining what this means, and the Project Titan has evolved from Apple over the years, but it is said: The project is currently focused on developing a self-driving system instead of an actual Apple car.

Digitimes doesn’t expect there to be much overlap in the supply chain between Apple and Tesla, mainly because Apple has generally stronger relationships with the supply chain.

Previous reports indicated that Apple at one point attempted to acquire Tesla.

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