Apple brings MagSafe shipping for new iPhones

Apple brings MagSafe shipping for new iPhones

Brought back a company Apple revives its brand (MagSafe) for shipping with a slight modification, as it is no longer specific to MacBook devices, but rather has become for new iPhones (iPhone 12).

The announcement confirmed the rumors that emerged from last week that Apple will return its magnetic charging cable, which it began phasing out for laptops released in 2016..

And charging (MagSafe) was a safety feature for laptops, as it reduces the possibility of damaging the cable or charging port or dropping the MacBook computer by tripping the wire, because it allows Easily detach devices when checking out.

The brand new (MagSafe) is about mobile and comes with a whole new range of Accessories Focused on the smartphone.

This includes a magnetic wallet that attaches to the back of new iPhones, a new leather cover that turns the phone into what appears to be a new iOS watch mode with only time display, and a foldable charger for both the iPhone and Apple Watch.

And unlike the previous version, which used magnets to connect cables to the ports of Apple’s notebook computers, this new version of charging technology is designed for a world where wireless charging is widely available.

MagSafe charging makes it easy to connect your iPhone to supported wireless chargers, including third-party wireless chargers. Customers can also expect innovative accessories from third-party manufacturers.

Apple is supposed to offer its own chargers, including a standalone (MagSafe) charger for iPhone and a charger to charge the iPhone and Apple Watch called (MagSafe Duo Charger).

The two chargers support 15 watts of power, in line with the latest Qi standards.

It is not clear yet what types of chargers or cables are supposed to arrive with the four new iPhones, which include (iPhone 12), (iPhone 12 Mini), (iPhone 12 Pro) and (iPhone 12 Pro Max).

And the Apple store now has a “MagSafe” section, confirming the price of the standalone (MagSafe) charger for the iPhone at $ 39.99.

It should be noted that any brand could theoretically make a magnetic (Qi) charger for the iPhone 12, but it needs to work with Apple if it wants access to faster charging speeds and an NFC identification system to identify accessories.

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