Apple begins sending iPhones to security experts

Apple begins sending iPhones to security experts

Security experts participating in the SRD program will likely receive from a company Apple iPhones soon Trap for hackers.

The tech giant informed the first batch of participants that their SRD phones would be dispatched immediately.

The software’s iPhones behave like their standard counterparts, but they provide security researchers with greater access so that participants can operate whatever tools they need so that they can find vulnerabilities.

And Apple announced the program For the first time in July, to help improve security for all iOS users.

The program came as part of Apple’s commitment to security, and is designed to bring more security researchers to the iPhone, and improve efficiency for those working on iOS security.

The program features an iPhone device dedicated exclusively to security research, with the ability to implement unique code and containment policies, so that researchers will not need to jailbreak phones to conduct research.

Researchers can keep the SRDs provided to them for 12 months, which is renewable if they want to continue participating after the year ends.

Security researchers are obligated to inform Apple of any security vulnerability they find, test, or verify through the search device, or inform the developer if the error is in the third-party code.

However, participants can still participate in Apple’s $ 1 million bug bounty program.

They can use their search devices to spot errors and offer them a reward.

Given that the program includes limited hardware for distribution, the company has selected research applicants with a proven track record of finding security issues across Apple’s platforms.

And it looks like the program will be around for a while, because the company says applicants not selected for this round will be automatically considered during the next application period in 2021.

Program participants can access comprehensive documentation and a forum dedicated to Apple’s engineers for collaborative purposes, and Apple says it values ​​collaboration with independent researchers and the work they do across its platforms.

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