Apple and Amazon suspend the social network Parler

Apple and Amazon suspend the social network Parler

Apple and Amazon suspended the social network Parler from the app store and web hosting service.

The two companies said: The social networking service, which is popular with many right-leaning social media users, has not taken adequate measures to prevent the spread of posts inciting violence.

The action taken by Apple and Amazon follows a similar move by Google.

Many supporters of US President (Donald Trump) prefer the social network Parler, as it is seen as a haven for people expelled from the Twitter platform.

She said a company Apple in a statement on Saturday: We have always supported the diverse viewpoints that are represented in the App Store, but there is no place across our platform for threats of violence and illegal activity, and Parler has not taken appropriate measures to address the spread of these threats to people’s safety, so we have suspended it from the App Store. Until these problems are solved.

And Apple had given the social network 24 hours to present a detailed plan for supervision, noting that the participants used the service to coordinate Wednesday’s blockade of the US Capitol building.

And lead a step a company Amazon will shut down the social network completely unless it can find a new company to host its services.

And Amazon Parler suspended it for violating AWS Terms of Service by failing to effectively deal with the steady increase in violent content.

And according to an email that the AWS team sent to the social network, the suspension is due to the presence of the A real public safety hazard posed by Parler.

Per AWS Acceptable Use Policy, customers may not use its services for any illegal, malicious, fraudulent, infringing, or offensive use.

(John Matze), Parler CEO, criticized Amazon, Google and Apple, sayingA: It’s a coordinated effort knowing that our options are limited And there is a possibility that the social network has been unavailable online for up to a week as we rebuild from scratch.

In addition to Parler, right-leaning social media users flocked to the messaging app Telegram and the social site Gab, citing heavy censorship of political commentary on the major platforms.

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