Apple allows sharing paid content within the app with the family

Apple allows sharing paid content within the app with the family

It has become the option to allow users to share paid in-app content with family Available now Officially for developers and users using iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur.

And announced a company Apple says that subscriptions and one-time in-app purchases can now be shared between families.

And if you buy a consumable item, such as coins in a game, you will still be the only person who can use them.

But if you purchase an ad-free version or a professional version of the app, you may be eligible for the new Family Sharing (Family Sharing) program.

And Apple announced this Change During June’s WWDC 2020 event, but now it allows developers to share subscriptions and purchases.

You could previously share Apple ID purchases with your family through iCloud Family Sharing, which includes apps, music, movies, and an Apple Music subscription, but in-app purchases remained single and unshareable.

This has now changed, as this option has been made available to the public, and some users have been alerted to apps that now offer the option to share in-app purchases and subscriptions.

A new option that allows eligible subscriptions to be shared with family members through iCloud Family Sharing is now available, and there is also another new option to disable subscription sharing for a specific app.

Not every app will allow you to share in-app purchases and subscriptions with the family, as developers need to manually enable the Family Sharing option for their apps through the App Store Connect portal.

And in a developer update, Apple says it is now possible for them to enable Family Sharing for auto-renewable subscriptions and non-consumable in-app purchases.

This allows users to share their purchases with up to five family membersEnjoy the benefits of these features.

Family Sharing helps developers attract subscribers, encourage paid subscriptions, and increase user engagement.

Developers can choose to implement Family Sharing for in-app purchases or subscriptions, or they can choose to require each family member to subscribe separately, or to make separate purchases.

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