Animated advertising design program Express Animate

Animated advertising design program Express Animate is a program that works on designing animations, as it contains a set of different effects and modern tools that the user can apply for free, and it also provides an opportunity to convert the product into many video formats.

When you download this application to your computer, it will provide you with everything you need to create animations; From impressive effects in video clips, adding animations, text and sound effects, moving objects and making distinctive movements when making video, it is an easy-to-use program from NCH Software.

These programs have saved a lot of effort and trouble for those who make these drawings over the years, now the animators do not need to do all this effort, because there are dozens of animation programs that have made the process much simpler than before,

Advantages and disadvantages of the program Design mobile ads

There are a lot of advantages that an mobile ad design program has:

  • Animated advertising design program It has the feature to save files directly to digital devices such as iphones – ipads – psp, and other portable devices, in order to make it easier when using the program, as the user can use the buttons on the toolbar, to use them to add masks or texts and shapes.
  • Change the position of the timeline by using the Canvas playback controls, or to play the entire clip, and you can switch from frame to frame in real time or in storage.
  • It provides a simple interface, so that it makes it easy for beginners to work on it with flexibility, as it contains main tools designed to create new animated designs, allowing the introduction of favorite types of media such as images, sounds, videos, as well as music tracks by Animated advertising design program.
  • And when using the design tools, it allows you to export them to various destinations, and once you have defined the video and content properties, you can save their designs in the form of multiple outputs, and when you export to a local disk drive, you can choose a specific format for the video.
  • Apply effects, adjust brightness, contrast, etc.
  • Record sounds and apply effects to them.
  • Edit schedule.
  • Export to video, html5, or flash formats.
  • Various video formats choose as MPG, MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, ASF, 3GP.
  • Export videos directly to DVD.
  • Upload the video via USB, by pressing the Save Video button on the toolbar, to select the destination, then click on the Create button to display the video output setting panel, and you can also publish the video to HTML5 for viewing on your web.
  • Has a clipart library.

Disadvantages Animated advertising design program

Despite the many advantages of the application, it has some drawbacks such as:

  • It has a sharp learning curve
  • It is not easy to customize hotkeys
  • May require other software

Express Animate mobile advertising design program suitable for beginners

We mentioned before that the program is easy to apply, especially beginners, as it helps them to create drawings through video files, pictures and audio files, it is suitable for all versions of Windows, and it also contains tools to help, instructions regarding access to educational programs and special explanations on how to use the program .

Animated advertising design program It gives you the ability to move shapes, text, and imported images, as well as allows you to optimize movie projects in post-production through animation with key movement, and use keyframes to create smooth motion transitions, and the program is an animator that has the ability to support a wide file.

The most important 2D and 3D animation software

There are many special programs in this field, including two-dimensional programs such as: FLASH – TOON BOOM- CREATOON, and some programs for 3D graphics such as: MAYA –LIGHTWAVE – BLENDER, and you can specify the program that you want to download to your computer according to the size of your project Your.

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