Android apps have garnered tens of millions of downloads and are a nightmare for your privacy

Android apps have garnered tens of millions of downloads and are a nightmare for your privacy

Android apps have garnered tens of millions of downloads and are a nightmare for your privacy

When we talk about privacy and security, almost every time we remind and tighten hands to keep your device safe, and as long as we had many appointments where we talked about very important advice and instructions that would protect you from any risks to your privacy, and on the other hand, Google continues to filter Android applications on Her Play Store It removes those who are suspected of security.

However, there is a bunch of apps Android They are not considered malware, but rather more dangerous than that, and let me describe them as keys to lock your privacy, and their danger is that they are common among users, here we learn about seven of these ApplicationsOf course, we recommend that you uninstall it immediately.

important note | We will not place app download links to block the idea of ​​trying it, so be careful.

1. UC Browser

UC Browser

The first application, which has exceeded the number of times the download barrier of 500 million installs from the Google Play Store, is like a web browser coming with many advantages that may be the first reason for the large number of its users, and before going into the reasons for caution about this application, we get to know its developers, which are UCWeb of the company Alibaba’s Chinese “Alibaba.”

As for the reasons for placing it in this group, it was examined by security analysts, and they discovered that the application includes weak encryption, and sometimes no encryption, which leaves users’ data vulnerable to hacking and theft, and the most dangerous of all is automatic routing, and this makes it a dangerous internet browser from Preferred to delete it permanently.

Fortunately, there are dozens of other alternatives, among them the browser Firefox And the Tor And the other browser Focus From Mozilla, we recommend the latter because it is open source and focuses on user privacy.

2. CLEANit


The next application, and it has a claim by its developers that it includes tools to get rid of unwanted files on Android, and in fact the application itself is undesirable, and as is the case with the previous, it got millions of downloads, and perhaps the most prominent reasons for its position in the circle of suspicion, first, requires A lot of permissions that have nothing to do with his work, in addition to that it provides tools he says are powerful to improve the new powerful Android phones, and logically these phones in particular do not need this type of application.

We dive further into the task of the application, as it has the ability to delete the cache and kill the applications in the background, but did you know that these two processes negatively affect your Android device? And this is through its slow response as it rebuilds itself from itself, and there is no need to kill background applications because it basically does not affect the speed of Android, of course, unless some applications are currently running.

3. Dolphin Browser

3. Dolphin Browser

Another browser is no less dangerous than what we mentioned, and we will mention it later, and I am frankly surprised at the users who leave the default browser Chrome or Samsung Internet, and search for another browser that they do not know behind, but only has a reputation for the number of downloads only, but did you know and over the past years, It was revealed that Dolphin Browser saves sessions when using incognito browsing, as well as supports Flash, which is a tracking nightmare.

And not only that, but many security reports have indicated that this particular browser reveals the IP address even if a VPN is used, not to mention its other tools, which undoubtedly leads us to say that it is not worth looking into and should be deleted. Now in case you use it or have it installed.

4. Virus Cleaner – Antivirus Free & Phone Cleaner

4. Virus Cleaner - Antivirus Free & Phone Cleaner - Android applications

Far from the name of the application, which expressly tempts any user, and looking at the number of times the application is downloaded from the Google Play Store, we find it has exceeded 10 million times, and with regard to the reasons that make us and make you far from it, at first the large number of its targeted ads, and according to security experts, it is coming With suspicious services and trademarks that have no validity on the ground.

Imagine that the application is coming with a cooling tool for the processor! And battery saver! And Super Speed ​​Booster! All of this and more is nothing but pure imagination, and if we talk about alternatives, we will not mention them, for fear of hitting an application and we do not know.

But what we say here and take it with confidence, you do not need any of these applications, as Google Protect service, which comes by default, is sufficient on all Android phones and devices.

5.SuperVPN Free VPN Client

5.SuperVPN Free VPN Client -

Did you know that this application has been downloaded by more than 100 million users! If you do not believe my words, go to his page on the Google Play Store, and you will find the number with your own eyes, and here we will not say regardless of that, as the issue needs immediate action and treatment.

With regard to the risk resulting from downloading and using the application, security experts have indicated here, that this application includes very serious and dangerous vulnerabilities, with which hackers can implement MitM malicious attacks and steal user data, including personal files, credit card numbers, conversations and more.

6. Super Clean – Master of Cleaner

Android Applications - 6. Super Clean - Master of Cleaner

Once again, we have another application that claims at the same time that it has the ability to clean Android from anything unwanted, which is basically the same undesirable as is the case with the CLEANit application, and we start with the number of times it has been downloaded, it has exceeded 25 million times, and this is an insignificant number.

In the meantime, as with the rest of the applications in its class, all that the application calls for is in the circle of suspicion and is unfounded, and basically you do not need this type of application, apart from the default settings, these days most Android phones come with similar applications But it is in parentheses “safe.”

7. Fildo Music

7. Fildo Music

The last application of today’s applications and we hope that we have accomplished our mission in identifying these applications and why they are dangerous, regarding this application, it had its days in support of downloading audios but illegally, in other words, it was disappearing under the cloak that it is an application to play audio only, As soon as it was discovered by Google, it was removed immediately.

After that, the application was returned as a scanner and then redirected as a music management application, therefore, you have a judgment on whether or not the application is suspected, and if you leave it to us, we do not prefer or think about downloading this application.

In conclusion and take it as a rule, it is better to steer clear of applications of detergents, antiviruses, RAM boosters, etc., as they hardly offer any performance improvements.

There are other applications that one should be careful about, such as weather applications and scanner applications that can collect sensitive location information and personally identifiable data from your phone, and do not forget any application that requests permissions that have nothing to do with its work.

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