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Android 12 turns a Pixel phone into a car key

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Nearly a year after Apple announced that the iPhone would be your digital car key, the a company Google does the same with Android.

And Android 12 officially allows specific Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones to function as a car key later this year.

Google’s ad only mentions one brand – BMW – which announced it was working with Samsung earlier this year.

BMW committed to only one vehicle to support the seemingly best version of digital car key technology.

The aim of this step is to replace your ignition key – which allows you to enter the car without removing it from your pocket – with your phone, using the new broadband radios. UWB To safely tell your car that you are standing directly in front of it.

Apple has introduced these wireless devices to nearly all new iPhones and the latest Apple Watch Series 6, and today’s announcement should mean that the upcoming Pixel phone is also getting them.

These wireless devices allow you to locate your car in a crowded parking lot, something Samsung plans to take advantage of.

Google and Apple’s technology also supports NFC, which requires you to take your phone out of your pocket and bring it closer to a car like the BMW 5 Series for 2021.

And it’s likely that BMW isn’t the only automaker interested in UWB’s capabilities, as Hyundai is pushing for UWB certification specifically.

Whatever automakers choose, it seems likely that participation in standards bodies and global Android support will allow you to use and share your car’s digital key across smartphone brands.

In other news about Android and cars, Google says: The cars from BMW and Ford will soon support fast pairing technology via Bluetooth to pair your Android phone with one click.

Android Auto, the smartphone-based infotainment system that has been around for six years and directly competes with Apple CarPlay, has now reached 100 million cars.

Google promises that the vast majority of new cars from General Motors, Ford, Honda and other automakers support Android Auto wirelessly.

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