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Android 12 prohibits replacing the official share menu المشاركة

Android users know the Sharesheet, which is the menu that pops up from the bottom when you tap the share button within an app.

This list shows all the possible sharing options and the ways you can share something.

And the user interface of the share page can look very different from one app to another. This is because a company Google does not enforce the consistency of the user interface for the share page, allowing third-party apps and manufacturers to customize it.

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One way that Android users can bypass the share page is by using a third-party app, such as Sharedr.

Sharedr provides a more consistent user interface that also gets rid of Direct Share, which can be very slow to appear across some devices.

But as it seems, using the third-party share page as an alternative to the Android share page will not be easy in Android 12.

Android 12 prohibits replacing the official share menu:

In Android 12, Google no longer allows third-party apps to set themselves as the default share page.

And thecomplained Sharedr developer recently realized that Android 12 no longer shows the prompt to choose between Sharedr and Android share page and always opens Android share page by default.

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In response to the issue, a Google employee confirmed that this was the intended behavior and not the error.

In other words, Google banned third-party apps in Android 12 from replacing the share page. And apps should trigger the sharing dialog.

He added: The ability to replace the share dialog has also become impossible. You cannot implement the direct sharing part of the user interface, nor can you implement personal tabs.

You will still be able to use Sharedr and other Share Page alternatives. But the apps themselves cannot respond to the sharing event. Thus you will not have the option to set it as default when you are trying to share something.

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Instead, you have to select Sharedr on the share page, and then use it to select your target app for sharing, which adds another step to the process.

It’s not clear if this new behavior also prevents device manufacturers from customizing the share page.

For example, manufacturers, such as Samsung, allow you to enable or disable direct contact sharing.

To be clear, this issue only applies to Android 12. If you are using Android 11, you should be able to use Sharedr or other share page apps without any issues.

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