Android 12 makes it easy to install applications from external stores

Android 12 makes it easy to install applications from external stores

Announced a company Google will make it easy to install and use external stores with the release of Android 12 next year.

Google launches new versions of Android annually, as it launched Android 11 earlier this month.

Google reiterated its payment policy for in-app purchases of digital goods, saying: Android developers who want to distribute applications and games through the Google Play Store must use Google’s billing system.

She added, “Given the Coronavirus epidemic, the company offers a grace period of one year for software developers who do not adhere to this policy, as the deadline is September 30, 2021.”

Today’s ads are a direct response to the (Epic Games) war regarding the 30 percent that Apple and Google get from every purchase on the App Store and Google Play.

And updated (Epic Games) on August 13, the game Fortnite for Android and (iOS) to use its billing service, which prompted Apple and Google to delete the game from the app store.

Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against the tech giants, and lawsuits could outline how all developers, from individuals to large corporations, distribute apps on mobile operating systems.

Android users can install applications through third-party stores, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

Google says: In response to the developers’ comments, it adds features to the Android 12 version for next year that make it easier for people to use other application stores, while being careful not to compromise the safety measures applied by Android.

Companies that began allowing users to sell virtual versions of their regular, non-digital offerings during the coronavirus pandemic, complained of being required to pay new service fees on iOS.

And Apple began waiving these fees in some circumstances, and Google says: These companies will not have to use (Google Play) bills in the near future.

Google explained that it is aware that the global epidemic has led many companies to face the challenges of transferring their physical business, making it digital, and communicating with customers in a new way.

“These companies will not need to comply with our payments policy over the next 12 months, and we will continue to reassess the situation over the next year,” she added.

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