An Australian social network to rival Facebook and Google

An Australian social network to rival Facebook and Google

Studied Australia The possibility of launching a publicly funded national social network run by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) as a potential response if Facebook and Google restrict services in Australia When mandatory news bill becomes law this year.

Facebook has warned that it will ban Australians from sharing the news if the historic plan to make digital platforms pay for news content becomes legal.

Google launched a public campaign against the bill, along with the launch International campaign It targets YouTube users when the government announced that it would force the company to pay news publishers for the content.

The proposal for a platform operated by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is part of a report To mitigate risks prepared by the Center for Responsible Technology, and the report bears the title“Can Australia survive without Google and Facebook?”

The proposed social network would connect the community without gathering data the way Facebook and Google do.

The social network can draw on the broad spectrum of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation across local, regional and national communities, as well as public trust invested in the organization.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s platform that engages the community, allows for real exchange, influence in decision-making, and application of independent journalism principles can provide real value to communities hungry for civic participation.

“Viable alternatives to Google and Facebook should be developed, such as the national social platform hosted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation,” he added.

The government has been urged to urgently develop a stronger consumer data privacy law ahead of the potential removal of Facebook posts and the less likely scenario of Google pulling its search engine out of the country.

The report warns that Facebook could be flooded with wrong information and fake news if the US company refused to allow Australians to share the news.

“The government must invest heavily in Australian technology and startups in order to prepare consumers for the effect of removing the services provided by powerful foreign-owned technology companies,” the report says.

The report added: Despite known harms and rampant misinformation, it may be difficult for many users to leave this environment.

It is possible that the curtailment or removal of Facebook services will negatively affect Australians because they lose the connections and content they have invested in the platform, and this dependence poses a risk to Australians if Facebook removes its services.

A mandatory news bill was supported by all major Australian media companies as a way to offset the damage caused by lost advertising revenue to Facebook and Google.

The Australian government’s attempt to curb the market dominance of Google and Facebook is one of several similar steps around the world.

The report says: Facebook and Google have become such a dominant part of our online experience that it is difficult to imagine the internet without the two tech giants, and Google and Facebook are synonymous with the Internet for many Australians.

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