America warns against “external parties” raising suspicions in voting via mail

America warns against “external parties” raising suspicions in voting via mail

Federal law enforcement and cybersecurity agencies in America warned Tuesday that “foreign actors” would likely try to discredit the presidential election in November by taking advantage of the slow count of ballots in the mail.

expected That Americans submit ballot papers by mail in record numbers in the presidential elections scheduled for November 3 between President (Donald Trump) from the Republican Party and his opponent from the Democratic Party (Joe Biden).

Many American voters see mail ballots as a safer way to vote during the Coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 200,000 Americans. However, mail ballots usually take longer to be counted than votes cast in person.

And he said The FBI and the Agency for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security in a joint public service announcement: This “could leave officials with incomplete results on election night.”

“Foreign actors and cyber criminals can use the time needed to certify and announce election results by spreading disinformation that includes reports of voter suppression, cyberattacks targeting election infrastructure, voter fraud or voting,” the agencies said.

This may come in the form of new websites or content via social media, the agencies said. The goal will be “to discredit the electoral process and undermine confidence in American democratic institutions.”

People close to Biden’s campaign said: The campaign is preparing for the possibility that even with the initial results in Trump’s favor, the lead may change because Democrats are expected to vote by mail in greater numbers, which they fear will prompt Trump to complain that the results are not correct.

It is noteworthy that voting by mail has become a contentious issue. Trump has repeatedly warned – without providing evidence – that the practice is rife with fraud and that Democrats will use mail ballots to rig the election. However, the Trump campaign has urged supporters of the president to request the absentee ballot as well.

Biden is currently leading in most national public opinion polls, but results are expected to be close.

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