America renews pressure on Europe to abandon Huawei in 5G networks

America renews pressure on Europe to abandon Huawei in 5G networks

A senior US official said today, Tuesday: The a company Huawei is part of the Chinese surveillance state, and is complicit in human rights violations. He said this while Washington renewed pressure on Europe to ban the company from 5G networks.

(Keith Crash) – Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs – intensified his warnings in conjunction with Germany and Italy studying the issue of next-generation mobile phone networks, in his first tour in European capitals since the beginning of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) COVID-19 pandemic that impeded Traveling since last March.

And he said Crash: The Finnish company Nokia and Sweden’s Ericsson are the only two companies that European governments should choose.

Crash told a think tank affiliated with the German Marshall Fund, referring to the Chinese Communist Party: Huawei is “an arm of the surveillance state ruled by the Chinese Communist Party and a tool for violating human rights.”

For its part, Huawei has repeatedly rejected US accusations that its 5G network equipment could be used for espionage.

Crash – who said he had held talks with German executives and officials – linked Huawei to Beijing’s security crackdown in Hong Kong and the suppression of Uighur Muslims in China.

And he said: Huawei’s participation in European 5G mobile networks will endanger NATO, saying: The new technology for China is “the backbone of their surveillance state.”

“Unreliable and high-risk vendors, such as Huawei and ZTE, provide the authoritarian government of the Chinese Communist Party with the ability to disrupt or arm critical applications in infrastructure, or provide technical advances to the Chinese military,” Crash said.

Italy and Germany are discussing the possibility of allowing Huawei to play a role in building the fifth generation network for the two countries, after Britain and France adopted an effective ban on the Chinese company.

Huawei is already under sanctions in the United States, and it aims to push it out of the 5G market in Europe and force its American suppliers to seek a license before selling the company.

Meanwhile, Huawei has strengthened its presence in Chinese semiconductor companies and other technology companies, which has strengthened its supply chain in the face of US pressure.

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