Amazon’s Zoox unveils a self-driving taxi

Amazon’s Zoox unveils a self-driving taxi

Zoox, a subsidiary of self-driving vehicle manufacturer, has announced For a company Amazon announces its first self-driving taxi.

Revealed Zoox releases a fully autonomous electric vehicle – meaning it requires no driver to step in when necessary – and is intended for on-demand ride service. It is a car that resembles a train car because the passengers face each other, and there is no space for the driver and the person who usually rides next to it. It holds up to four people.

Amazon acquired Zoox, a startup that was established about 6 years ago, in June. At the time, the US e-commerce giant provided few details on how it planned to use Zoox technology.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos previously expressed his enthusiasm for the auto industry, and the company used autonomous trucks to transport some goods. Over time, autonomous vehicles such as the ones Zoox envision could fit into Amazon’s sprawling logistics network.

Self-driving taxis have some features that distinguish them from competitors, such as: Waymo from Alphabet, (Cruise) Cruise from (General Motor), Uber, and Tesla. It has the capabilities of two-way driving and four-wheel steering, allowing it to change directions without having to reverse and navigate tight spaces.

The Amazon car comes with a set of cameras, radar sensors, and a three-dimensional sensor on all four corners of the car, which eliminates the typical blind spots, and gives it a field of view of 270 degrees on the road. The car can travel up to 75 miles per hour, and it can reach 16 hours on a single charge. It is also equipped with a four-seat airbag system.

The vehicle is designed to serve passengers in urban environments. Zoox said: It is currently testing it in three cities: Las Vegas, Nevada, and Foster City and San Francisco, California.

The company plans to launch an app-based sharing service. Amazon affiliate Zoox said its first target markets will be San Francisco and Las Vegas.

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