Amazon’s new Echo Show 10 screen tracks you wherever you go

Amazon’s new Echo Show 10 screen tracks you wherever you go

Announced a company Amazon on Thursday during a special event on its smart screen (Echo Show 10), which is characterized by its ability to follow the user wherever they move.

The Echo Show 10 can do just that thanks to the built-in camera that recognizes people, and then the screen rotates on the axis of the base.

And Amazon stressed – in terms of privacy – that the device does not identify people individually, but rather, it only recognizes the general shape of the person and revolves around him in a way that makes the screen always in front of them.

In addition to the rotating feature, Echo Show 10 offers a 10-inch HD screen, it comes with a 13-megapixel camera, and a 2.1-type sound system. Similar to the Echo devices – which were also announced yesterday – the device supports the Zigbee open source smart home standard.

It is noteworthy that, over recent months, Amazon has added a number of famous applications to the smart screen, such as: Microsoft’s Skype chatting program, Zoom video conferencing program, in addition to the Netflix service. The Echo Show 10 will be available at $ 250.

The fourth generation smart amplifier (Echo) has the advantage of It was announced yesterday New ball design, and improved sound performance. But there is a bigger change, and it is a unit for speech recognition within the device, which means that voice commands are processed locally, and this speeds up the execution of those commands.

The new Echo device features what Amazon calls the AZ1 Neural Edge unit that processes voice commands using local algorithms to recognize speech using machine learning technology, before sending commands to the cloud, which will also speed up response to commands.

The new Echo device will be available in three colors: blue, white and gray, and it will be on the market from October 22nd. The company has opened an initial order for the device via Her website.

In addition to the fourth generation of the Echo device, Amazon announced a new version of its Echo Dot, which has also become a spherical shape.

The new version of the Echo Dot comes with two options, the first: Cheaper without the built-in LED display And, at $ 49.99,The other is with the screen and a $ 10 increase in price.

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