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Amazon uses Treo Zor EVs for delivery

Announced a company Amazon India announced its partnership with Mahindra Electric to reinforce its commitment to electric mobility in the country through the use of vehicle Treo Zor Electric Three Wheel for Delivery in India.

In 2020, Amazon India announced that its delivery vehicle fleet will include 10,000 electric cars by 2025 in India.

These electric vehicles add to the global commitment of nearly 100,000 EVs in the delivery fleet by 2030 announced in the Climate Pledge signed by Amazon.

This partnership with Mahindra Electric is an important step towards India’s progress in the e-mobility industry to achieve environmental sustainability goals.

The company deployed nearly 100 Treo Zor electric three-wheeled vehicles In seven cities, including New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Indore, and Lucknow.

Three-wheelers are a common sight on Indian roads, as they are used mainly as taxis.

However, the Treo Zor electric vehicle is designed to carry cargo, the vehicle can carry a load of 500 kg, provides a range of 125 km on a single charge of just under 4 hours, and has a top speed of 50 km per hour.

Although Amazon’s initial order of 100 Treo Zor three-wheelers does not match its major investment in 100,000 Rivian electric trucks in the US, Treo Zor appears well equipped for delivery via India’s congested roads and could expand in the future.

Mahindra Electric launched the Treo Zor in October 2020, and it provides an advanced, easy-to-charge lithium-ion battery, making it easy for delivery partners to ship vehicles at various locations.

The vehicle has been designed and developed in India and delivers the best performance in the industry. In addition, it features electric drive technology for a fatigue-free driving experience, reduces loading and unloading time, and provides the longest wheelbase in the industry making it generally safe and stable.

Amazon clearly views India, home to 1.36 billion people, as a huge growth opportunity.

Last August, it opened its largest headquarters so far in Hyderabad, and in February it announced that it would start manufacturing Fire TVs in India, the first time it had built a device in the country.

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