Amazon releases glasses that allow you to talk to Alexa

Amazon releases glasses that allow you to talk to Alexa

Announced a company Amazon today, Thursday, announced the launch of its glasses that allow users to talk to its smart assistant (Alexa) Alexa to all consumers through its online store.

The second generation of Echo Frames is sold. Echo Frames New products from Amazon are priced at $ 249.99, and will begin shipping on December 10.

The US e-commerce giant launched Echo Frames during its annual hardware event last year, as part of the company’s lineup called Day 1, but Amazon has been making glasses available to consumers since then according to the invitation-only system.

Amazon added some improvements to the second generation of Echo Frames, based on the results it received from consumers who received the glasses according to the invitation system.

Among the improvements that Amazon added to the glasses include an increase in battery life by 40 percent, the automatic shutdown feature to reach the maximum battery life when the glasses are not used, in addition to the VIP Filter feature, which no longer allows users to prioritize notifications that come from applications , Specific contacts, but also calendar warnings, and group chats.

Echo Frames has got an Auto Volume feature that automatically adjusts the device’s volume according to the noise level in the user’s surrounding environment. The glasses also come in three colors: blue, black and brown.

It is reported that glasses are not prescription lenses, but Amazon says that customers can purchase prescription lenses through LensCrafters.

Amazon said: Customers who purchased the first generation of Echo Frames according to the invitation system can upgrade to the second generation by paying only $ 70.

Although Amazon decided to launch Echo Frames for everyone, the company decided to end another product from the Day 1 lineup that was announced last year, the Echo Loop ring, which also allows talking to Alexa.

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