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Amazon partners with Tile to counter Apple’s AirTag

Working a company Amazon is strengthening its network of connected devices to compete with technologies such as the new AirTag from a company Camel.

And theAnnounced Amazon has partnered with Tile, a company that makes lost item trackers, and Level, which makes smart locks, to use these devices to boost its tracking network based on Bluetooth and wireless technology.

The number of devices across a particular tracking network is a key to its accuracy, and this is part of the reason why many believe that Apple’s tracking network is so powerful because it relies on more than a billion iPhones, iPads and Macs to help track lost items.

Tile has been vocal against Apple’s entry into the lost item tracking space, and recently told Congress that it and other app developers are afraid of Apple’s policies on third-party apps and device accessories.

And Amazon’s partnership allows it to leverage its tracking network, called Sidewalk, by allowing Tile and Level devices to take advantage of the Bluetooth networks created by millions of their Echo products.

Tile will begin working with the Amazon network starting June 14th.

Sidewalk was introduced late last year and billed as a free network-sharing service across neighborhoods that uses Echo devices as bridges to share a small portion of users’ low-bandwidth wireless network with devices such as Echo devices and Ring cameras.

Tile devices work with Sidewalk by integrating compatible Echo devices to further expand the coverage of the Tile network, in an effort to help users safely locate keys, wallets, and other items.

Sidewalk is also enhancing the in-house Tile experience with Alexa, Amazon said, as customers can ask Alexa to find the missing items and then the Tile tracker will start ringing to indicate where the missing item was found.

Amazon added: Users with multiple Echo devices connected to Sidewalk are able to find lost items around their homes faster.

Sidewalk’s second partnership with Level allows users to control locks via the Ring and Level apps without needing to be in the Bluetooth range of their mobile device.

Instead of relying on their mobile device’s Bluetooth connection, the Level Lock can connect directly to a compatible Ring Video Doorbell Pro using only the Bluetooth connection of the Sidewalk shared between the two devices.

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