Amazon One lets you pay with the palm of your hand

Amazon One lets you pay with the palm of your hand

Revealed a company Amazon today unveiled Its technology To get familiar with the palm, which will be used initially to convert your hand to a personal credit card inside the company’s actual retail stores.

Amazon One uses your palm to recognize you by using a combination of palm surface area details, such as lines, with vein patterns to create a palm signature.

This palm signature will be used in Amazon’s Go stores in Seattle. The company also plans to add Amazon One to its other stores in the coming months.

Later use of Amazon One extends far beyond palm-based payments.

“We believe Amazon One has wide applications outside of our retail stores,” says Dilip Kumar, vice president of physical retail business at Amazon.

He added, “We plan to introduce them to external parties, such as retailers, stadiums and office buildings, so that more people can benefit from this ease and convenience in more places.”

And while many companies have experimented with biometrics for palm recognition over the years, Amazon’s strong retail presence can help make the palm signature a reality.

Amazon did not confirm whether any of the retailers, places or other companies would benefit from (Amazon One), but the company says: It is in active discussions with many potential customers.

And Amazon says it has chosen palm recognition over other technologies, such as facial recognition, due to some privacy benefits.

One reason, Kumar explains, is that palmistry is more specific than some biometric alternatives. Because you cannot identify a person by looking at a picture of their palm, It also requires someone to put their palm on the device to use it.

Amazon One uses image scanners that include computer vision algorithms to capture and encode the palm image.

You do not need an Amazon account to use the service, and only a phone number and credit card are needed.

Amazon One users will also be able to delete their biometric data from Gate The company online, if they no longer wish to use the service.

Amazon has been working on this service for years, after it applied for a patent for its palm recognition technology at the end of 2019.

Amazon One initially appears in two stores in Seattle, but the company has ambitions to bring this technology to more locations outside of its own stores.

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