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Amazon officially announces the number of Corona injuries among its employees

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Issued a company Amazon on Thursday had comprehensive data on the spread of the emerging coronavirus (COVID-19) COVID-19 among its employees, and revealed for the first time the number of workers infected with the virus.

The e-commerce giant said at statementMore than 19,000 workers, or 1.44 percent of its total workers, were infected with the virus during the current year.

Between March 1 and September 19, Amazon counted 19,816 presumed or confirmed cases of the Coronavirus across nearly 1.37 million employees at Amazon and Whole Foods Market across the United States.

The information comes after months of labor groups, politicians and regulatory agencies pressure on Amazon repeatedly to reveal the number of its workers who have contracted the (Covid-19) virus.

At the start of the epidemic, warehouse workers raised concerns that Amazon was not doing enough to protect them from the disease, and called for the facilities to be closed with confirmed cases. And with no data from Amazon, warehouse workers compiled a mass database of infections based on notices of new cases at facilities across the United States.

The company has previously refused to share the data, saying it would be misleading and lack context. In a statement Thursday, Amazon said: The total number of infections would be “stronger” if other companies issued similar data. “The broad availability of data will allow us to measure our progress and share best practices across companies and industries,” the company said.

It is reported that there have been at least eight confirmed deaths of the company’s workers due to (Covid-19) during the current year, but Amazon did not provide an updated number in its announcement on Thursday.

Walmart – which is Amazon’s main competitor in the United States – said in April that less than 1 percent of its 1.5 million employees in the United States had contracted the Corona virus. Since then, the company has not released any updated data.

It is noteworthy that the number announced by Amazon does not include its network from the third-party delivery sector.

The company said: The infection rate among employees was 42 percent lower than expected, compared to the “general population rate” in the United States. If Amazon’s infection rates were consistent with the average population, the total number of cases would have reached 33,952, the company said.

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