Amazon officially announces the launch of its online pharmacy

Amazon officially announces the launch of its online pharmacy

Announced a company Amazon today, Tuesday, launches its drug delivery service (Amazon Pharmacy) Amazon Pharmacy, About three months after its launch in India.

The American e-commerce giant has been Launched (Amazon Pharmacy) service In India to service the southern city of Bangalore, in the company’s latest move to expand its reach into a major developing market.

And now, the (Amazon Pharmacy) service allows customers in the United States to order drug delivery to their homes, and this includes free delivery for Amazon Prime subscribers.

It is noteworthy that the company has learned over the past years quietly about developing its pharmacy offerings, after the intensification of internal discussions in 2017, and the acquisition of PillPack in 2018. And because the pharmacy field is complex and competitive in the United States, (Amazon Pharmacy) was built Partly on PillPack infrastructure, and this includes: pharmacy programs, implementation centers, and relationships with health plans.

It is believed that (Amazon pharmacy) is the company’s largest push so far in a $ 300 billion market, and threatens the dominance of traditional pharmacies, such as: (CVS) and Walgreens, in addition to other large retailers that provide pharmacy services, Like: (Walmart) Walmart.

The pharmacy market shares fell after the launch of (Amazon Pharmacy). For the company, the announcement comes at the right time, as Americans have become increasingly dependent on getting their drugs in the mail to avoid potential exposure to the Corona virus. And this shift may be permanent, as more people than ever before are learning new ways to receive medication.

“We wanted to make it easier for people to get their drugs, understand the cost and get them home,” said TJ Parker – the company’s vice president of pharmacy – who previously co-founded PillPack. “Hard work is making it easier … and there have been a number of complications behind the scenes,” he added.

“We believe that this new feature will add tremendous value to our members,” said (Jamil Ghani) – Vice President (Amazon Prime). He added, “It is important as people try to benefit more from the comfort and safety of their homes.”

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