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Amazon is ramping up its ambitions for network chips

Indicate News to that a company Amazon is developing custom chips for its devices from the switches that transmit data about networks.

The chip effort is the result of Amazon’s acquisition of chip maker Annapurna Labs in 2015 for $ 350 million.

The chips help Amazon improve its internal infrastructure as well as Amazon Web Services.

as such Amazon’s construction of the Switch’s chipset can help solve bottlenecks and issues in its infrastructure, especially if it also comes to custom designing the software that runs on it.

Amazon builds its own Switch network adapters, but is relying on Broadcom to get the chips that power those devices.

It stands to reason that the company would want complete control over those devices, especially given how important their web services business is.

Amazon may also offer some services that it was not able to provide previously, supported by the new Switch hardware devices.

It is reported that these chips are not the first dedicated silicone product from Amazon, as the company previously worked with MediaTek to create a chip for Echo smart speaker products, designed to make Alexa response faster.

It also has its own custom machine learning chips, which it calls Trainium, which should be available to Amazon Web Services customers soon.

It stands to reason that the company also wants to build its own chips to power the backbone of its network.

Designing custom chips quickly became important to the big tech companies, as reports surfaced that Google and Microsoft were embracing Dedicated processors for their devices.

Apple has been doing this for years, with the M1 Macs being an example of how effective the company’s products can be when it controls both hardware and software.

Although Amazon may not be a giant in the field of smartphones or computers, it is a giant in the cloud, which is the area in which the company focuses on placing new chips within it.

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