Amazon is distancing itself from the Prime bike

Amazon is distancing itself from the Prime bike

Distanced a company Amazon reported on its $ 500 Prime or EX-Prime connected bike from exercise equipment company Echelon Fitness after the product was incorrectly marketed as a collaboration between the two companies.

AndAnnounced The company (Echelon Fitness) for the so-called (Prime) exercise bike, describing it as the first fitness product connected to Amazon and was developed in cooperation with it.

The move was widely announced as Amazon’s first entry into the smart bike market.

The news caused shares of bike maker Peloton to plummet, as dealers expected Amazon to enter the growing home exercise market.

Amazon has denied participating in a partnership with Echelon Fitness or Prime bike, and has asked Echelon Fitness to stop selling Prime and change its brand.

It also appears that Amazon has pulled the product from Its location Online, listed it as currently unavailable, and deleted statement A product journalist from Echelon Fitness promotes her work with Amazon.

An Amazon spokesperson said: “This bike is not a product from Amazon or associated with the Amazon Prime brand, and Echelon Fitness does not have an official partnership with Amazon, and we are working with (Echelon Fitness) to clarify this in its communications, stop selling the product and change its brand Commercial.

The Echelon Fitness bike seemed to be an economical alternative to the smart bikes made by Peloton, and news of the collaboration with Amazon made its launch particularly exciting.

CyclingWeekly reported that only Amazon Prime members could purchase the bike for $ 500, and said the product is seen as a serious competitor to the Peloton product.

Echelon Fitness spokeswoman, Marissa Mastellone, said in a statement that the product was built by the company to sell exclusively on Amazon, adding that Echelon Fitness is working on renaming the product to resell it as quickly as possible.

Mastellon said: The company (Echelon Fitness) expects to re-list the product on the Amazon website once the brand changes.

The CEO of Echelon Fitness claimed in an interview that his company started working with Amazon in January, without explicitly confirming that the product was developed with or for Amazon.

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