Amazon is adding aircraft to rival UPS and FedEx

Amazon is adding aircraft to rival UPS and FedEx

She added a company Amazon between May and July nine aircraft to the Amazon Air fleet, came in the report Published by the Chaddeck Institute for Urban Development of DePaul University, “It’s the most it has added in three months since its foundation.”

Amazon air cargo business has accelerated rapidly in recent months, despite the aviation industry suffering from the coronavirus pandemic.

The report said: The Amazon Air fleet expanded rapidly during the summer of 2020, a period marked by a sharp drop in air cargo traffic on an annual basis.

AndShe said Amazon in June: The Amazon Air fleet now includes about 70 aircraft, and the fleet is expected to grow to more than 80 by 2021, compared to 50 aircraft in February 2019.

Amazon Air Fleet, launched in 2016, is a critical part of its endeavor to provide a one or two day delivery service.

The company still relied heavily on outside carriers for deliveries, but it gradually moved more of its logistics operations within the company, allowing it to better control costs and delivery speeds.

Analysts believe that Amazon’s air fleet, with its huge network of planes, trailers and vans, could one day be allowed to compete with UPS and FedEx.

The coronavirus pandemic has increased pressure on Amazon to ensure fast delivery, as it has seen an increase in online orders from shoppers who have turned to the company for basic goods and groceries, along with other products, such as office supplies and electronics.

DePaul researchers said in report Separately published in May: While Amazon Air’s fleet has grown since May, Amazon Air’s fleet is still smaller than its competitors, including FedEx, which operates 463 aircraft, UPS operates 275, and DHL, which It operates 77 aircraft.

The report said: The Amazon Air Center, which costs $ 1.5 billion in northern Kentucky, may help give it an advantage.

The center, set to open in 2021, is designed to be able to accommodate 100 Amazon branded aircraft and handle an estimated 200 flights per day.

The report said that the massive investment under way in a major hub at Northern Kentucky International Airport could change everything.

The hub appears to be the backbone of Amazon’s effort to develop a comprehensive range of local delivery services across the United States.

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