Amazon GameOn .. A social network for gamers

Amazon GameOn .. A social network for gamers

Revealed a company Amazon unveiled a new social network targeting cross players Cell phones dubbed Amazon GameOn.

And facilitate Social network Users have to capture and share mobile gameplay, creating space for them to edit and share key moments in their games.

And while platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook focus on longer video content, Amazon GameOn is very similar to the TikTok equivalent.

However, Amazon GameOn is not just a social network, as the mobile app works very much like a video recorder and video editor together.

Users can record clips spanning 30 seconds to 5 minutes in their favorite mobile games using the Android network app.

Amazon GameOn supports more than 1,000 games at launch, including PUBG Mobile, Angry Birds 2, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

The clips are stored within the user’s device and can be modified within the application and then shared via the user’s account page within the social network.

Users can also customize videos using the front camera to add private recording with caption.

The social network app allows users to start and stop recording at will, and there is also a Recall feature, so that you can press the Recall button and save only the last few minutes of playing.

Users can adjust the length of the saved clip, from 30 seconds to five minutes. In addition to providing a place for users to share gameplay clips, users can also participate in challenges.

The Featured Challenges section on the social network homepage includes game timed contests where users can view their favorite gameplay clips.

Clips can be voted on, and the most popular clip receives a digital rating badge.

One of the ongoing challenges now asks players to win a game in PUBG Mobile where the playing area is very small, and you can see the entire ocean across the screen.

The social network Amazon GameOn arrives after the launch of Luna, a cloud gaming platform designed to compete with Google Stadia.

Luna is now available in Early Access, and has an initial subscription price of $ 5.99 per month.

It is reported that Amazon bought the game streaming platform Twitch and launched its Lumberyard gaming engine, based on the CryTek CryEngine engine.

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