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Amazon allows voting to build new products

Announced a company Amazon reported on a new program called Build It that allows consumers to have a say in some of the new products Amazon is making.

In an effort similar to Kickstarter, Amazon customers can choose to support products, and if they get enough support within 30 days, Amazon builds them.

Fees are charged to customers if the product is only developed and shipped, The program should help Amazon determine which products are popular before you build them.

And Amazon has used a similar program in the past, called Day 1 Editions, to build experimental products, such as Echo Frames smart glasses.

Amazon did not say whether it plans to use this software for all of its products or whether it is making it available to outside inventors.

Customers who support a product get a discount on automated order, as the price increases if it becomes widely available.

And Amazon in recent years has released a range of products with Alexa, from microwaves to wall clocks and eyeglasses.

Many of these products fail to take off, and the Build It program is a way Amazon uses to gauge customer interest in one of its ideas before it goes into full production.

The company clarified that it will not state how much money a particular product needs to launch, but it does display a bar showing the percentage of support that the product needs in order to complete it.

The current concept products are available at promotional prices until March 19, and Amazon said more ideas are coming.

Build It launches with three concept products – the smart sticky note printer, smart feeding scale, and smart cuckoo clock, all of which work with Alexa.

Using voice printing technology, this smart hands-free sticky note printer that works with Alexa makes it easy to print your shopping lists, to-do lists, reminders, calendar events, or fun items. The printer uses thermal technology, so it doesn’t need Ink or toner, and it is easy to refill the paper rolls.

The smart nutrition scale works with Alexa to provide instant hands-free access to nutritional information for thousands of ingredients and foods based on weight, Alexa remembers the foods she uses frequently, and you can for example ask Alexa to ask the meter how much sugar is in blueberries.

The smart cuckoo clock is a fun way to help keep you and your family organized, as it works with Alexa and features around 60 LED lights, a mechanically popped cuckoo bird, built-in speakers for timers and alarms, and the watch has a removable pendulum so that you can install it on Wall or place it on a shelf, and you can also set it to sound around the clock or schedule it to mute and move at certain times.

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