Amazon adds always-on surveillance cameras in delivery cars

Amazon adds always-on surveillance cameras in delivery cars

Plans a company Amazon has installed high-tech video cameras in delivery vehicles in order to better monitor drivers’ behavior as they deliver packages, according to To report New from The Information.

The hardware and software are provided by Netradyne, a California company that operates on a platform called Driveri Cameras and artificial intelligence are used to analyze the driver while he is operating the vehicle.

The camera provides real-time feedback – including automated suggestions such as “Distracted Driving” and “Please Slow Down” – while collecting analysis that is later used to assess drivers during shifts.

It presents section Partnership details video, and Amazon sets goals to reduce collisions and hold drivers accountable for mistakes on the road.

This initiative mirrors one of the initiatives Amazon has taken with its fleet of trucks, where SmartDrive cameras monitor freight drivers for signs of fatigue and distracted driving.

The marketing video shows how the cameras record permanently, with the footage uploaded to a dedicated safety team to review it if any of the 16 signals were triggered by an accident occurring on the road or an action taken by the driver.

The driver can disable the camera manually, but only when the engine is turned off, and drivers are also permitted to manually upload shots when they choose to do so.

We are always looking for innovative ways to keep drivers safe, which is why we’ve partnered with Netradyne to help make improvements to the driver’s experience, Amazon said.

Amazon describes Netradyne as the first company to integrate AI with video to create industry-leading safety systems, reducing collisions by two-thirds with in-cab warnings and improving driver behavior.

And Amazon wants to prepare drivers for success and provide them with support to be safer on the road and handle accidents if and when they happen.

Some drivers worry that using Netradyne technology could create privacy-invasive surveillance and overburden them as they try to meet tight deadlines.

Historically, Amazon relied on operators such as the US Postal Service and UPS to deliver packages to customers ’doors, but it began using its growing logistics network of planes, trucks and delivery vehicles to keep costs down.

Amazon operates a fleet of tens of thousands of delivery drivers across the country who, as part of these third-party companies, are not technically employees of the company.

However, these drivers manage Amazon Prime-branded vehicles and are subject to any restrictions or controls the company puts in place in several ways similar to the extensive control Amazon exercises over warehouse workers.

This includes precise, minute-by-minute monitoring via an app to see where the driver is on his programmed route and if he is behind schedule.

These surveillance tools also appear to include Netradyne’s cameras, although it is not clear when Amazon intends to install the cameras and how widespread they will be throughout its delivery fleet.

We are investing in safety across our operations, and we recently started rolling out industry-leading, camera-based safety technology across our delivery fleet, and this technology provides drivers with real-time alerts to help them stay safe when they are on the road.

Amazon delivery drivers have caused dozens of accidents over the past half decade, including some that resulted in fatalities, but the company often avoids liability for accidents because of the way it employs outside companies and independent contractors.

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