Air One … the world’s first electric civil airport

Air One … the world’s first electric civil airport

Hyundai Motor Group, Coventry City Council and the British government have partnered with the company Urban Air Port To launch Air One, the world’s first fully operational center for eVTOL vertical take off and landing aircraft.

Urban Air Port was chosen as the winner of the UK government’s Future Aviation Challenge, an award designed to help develop and support aviation infrastructure and systems for next generation electric and autonomous aerial vehicles.

The British airline, Urban Air Port, is working to develop the emissions-free and fully independent infrastructure for future air mobility.

And represents Air One, the world’s first pop-up urban airport and a cargo center for future eVTOL takeoff and landing aircraft, which includes cargo drones and air taxis, is slated to launch in Coventry later this year.

EVTOL aircraft are expected to be widely used in the future to transport people and goods across cities. Air One aims to show the potential of air mobility in urban areas in the UK and around the world.

The Air One hub has a physical footprint that is 60 percent smaller than that of a conventional heliport – the most comparable current infrastructure for reference – and it uses unit construction meaning the site can be installed in a matter of days.

The airport reduces congestion, reduces air pollution and helps the UK achieve a carbon-free future.

Urban Air Port hubs can also be integrated with electric cars and sustainable public transportation, and can be operated entirely off-grid, which means they do not necessarily require a proper network connection, opening up potential sites for development.

The facility assists in developing the emissions-free, fully independent and innovative infrastructure for air mobility of the future.

And NASA has projected that urban air mobility in the United States could have a $ 500 billion industry in sales in the near term.

However, a major constraint to this market’s growth is the lack of infrastructure, which is what Urban Air Port is trying to solve.

Hyundai Motor Group is supporting the development of the Air One as part of its plan to commercialize its autonomous aircraft by 2028.

Hyundai plans to create eVTOL aircraft and support the wider urban air mobility ecosystem in the future.

The South Korean company says it looks forward to working with other companies to make an impact in society using safe and affordable mobility solutions that focus on people..

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