After the restrictions on SMIC … China must prepare

After the restrictions on SMIC … China must prepare

after The United States imposed export restrictions Semiconductor maker (SMIC) must engage in a new long march in the technology sector, according to She said The state-backed Chinese newspaper Global Times.

The author – who was not named in the newspaper’s opinion piece – explains that the US dominance of the global supply chain for the semiconductor industry is a major threat to China.

It now appears that China will need to control all chains of research and production in the semiconductor industry, and eliminate dependence on the United States, the author wrote.

And thementioned Reuters reported on Saturday that the United States has sent letters to companies informing them of the need to obtain a license to supply SMIC, the largest chip maker in China.

The letter stated that (SMIC) and its subsidiaries may pose an unacceptable risk by serving its technology to the military domain, and SMIC has denied any ties with the Chinese military.

The move threatens to separate the major Chinese chip maker from US software and chipmaking equipment, and companies are now requesting licenses to export such products to SMIC.

The author says: The restrictions imposed on (SMIC), and previous restrictions against Huawei, make it clear that the United States is leading a long-term battle to cut off high-tech from China.

Companies such as Tencent and ByteDance have made some technical breakthroughs, but they are based on US chip technology, the editorial says.

“The foundation of the entire industry is still in the hands of the Americans at least for now,” the author wrote, “and China must jump quickly to provide strong support for the country’s competition with the United States.

The Global Times is a tabloid newspaper published by the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the ruling Communist Party in China. The Global Times does not speak on behalf of the party and the government, unlike the People’s Daily.

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