A WordPress feature that turns blog posts into Tweets

A WordPress feature that turns blog posts into Tweets

Submitted platform WordPress is a new feature that automatically publishes entire posts in threaded posts across the Twitter platform that include all text, images, videos, and embeds.

You can access the feature via the (Jetback) Green in the far right of the title menu at the top of the page, along with the current options for sharing links to Facebook and other social networks.

Depending on the platform, posting WordPress content on Twitter has become much easier, as you can send the content as separate Tweets or strings of tweets – known as Tweetstorms.

WordPress designed this feature with formatting in mind, so that if a paragraph is too long for a single Tweet, it will automatically split into multiple Tweets.

Instead of adding as many words as possible in the first tweet and letting the rest of the words appear within the second tweet, the feature adds a break at the end of the sentence.

You can add an introductory message to the beginning of the thread, and the feature pays attention to sentences and paragraph breaks when determining where the first tweet should end and the second tweet begins.

To give you more control, while writing the post, the feature shows where splits occur, and in this way, you can set how the post appears on Twitter while you write.

If you do not have a Twitter account connected to your website, you can click on the “Connect an account” option to allow WordPress to post content via your Twitter timeline.

You can add multiple Twitter accounts if you tweet from more than one account, and you only need to link each account once.

Sharing full blog posts on Twitter is a useful way to increase content reach, increase engagement, and build followers, and the last Tweet in the thread adds a link to the post on your site.

There is an option to preview what the thread looks like, but it requires subscribing to one of the $ 25 / month WordPress business plans or the $ 45 / month ecommerce plans to access the social preview feature.

It is mentioned that there are many popular services, such as (ThreadReaderApp@), To help format long threads readable.

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