A Twitter bug that allows users to edit Tweets

A Twitter bug that allows users to edit Tweets

Many users felt platform Twitter is delighted when they were able to delete a reply to a tweet, edit and fix the error in the deleted text when it appears again, and retweet it again.

Tom Warren discovered this for the first time and published Tweet She explains that Twitter seems to be testing a new method for editing Tweets.

“If you delete a tweet when replying to someone and then go to respond again, the old text appears again so you can correct the typo,” Warren said.

A Twitter user commented: I think I edited a tweet, I wrote a tweet, noticed a slight one-letter typo, deleted the tweet and pressed the Reply option again and found the full text of my previous tweet available for editing and sending it back.

Later, a Twitter spokesperson responded to Warren saying: Unfortunately we do not test this, it is just a mistake and we are looking into it.

Twitter users have demanded an edit button to avoid embarrassment when they mistakenly send misspelled and misspelled tweets.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said: The edit button will probably never happen, and we started out as an SMS service, and as you all know, when you send a text message, you can’t get it back, and we wanted to keep this The feeling that was present in the early days.

However, the platform recently introduced other much desirable features, including allowing all users to select the reply feature, as part of the platform’s efforts to give people more control over their conversations.

After the major bitcoin fraud, Twitter has re-enabled the ability to download your Twitter data, nearly two months after turning off the feature as a preventive measure against piracy, in order to know what kind of data the platform stores.

The platform has also added pinned tweets and brief descriptions of some popular topics in its service to help people understand why it’s so popular.

The company said: It will start adding representative pinned Tweets to some popular topics in Android and iOS applications, and these tweets will be available on the Twitter web platform soon, with descriptions appearing in the coming weeks.

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