A leak shows the prototype of the Apple Watch smart

A leak shows the prototype of the Apple Watch smart

Progress New photos and videos, which allegedly show a prototype of Apple’s smartwatch hidden in a protective case resembling a small iPod to prevent its shape from being visible, a rare look behind the guise of product development For the company Which is best known for the secrecy built by (Steve Jobs).

These images and videos represent the first look at the device as it works with internally developed applications via the internal user interface, which represents a prior software release of watchOS 1.0.

The video begins by showing what appears to be the original cardboard box used to deliver the prototype devices to the testers.

The sticker that conceals the device’s assets says: This product is classified as classified by Apple and belongs to the Ultra security program, and this prototype must be returned upon request or when you have it.

The poster on the back of the prototype device itself shows that it is the PVTe device, which is presumed to mean engineering validation testing of the prototype, in line with language seen in previous Apple development devices.

When operating the touch screen of the device, it can be seen that it is configured to display Apple’s internal applications, including an application Lisa tester, who carries the Lisa Simpson icon.

It is possible that the app is a tribute to Jobs’s daughter, who bears the same name, for Apple’s Lisa computer. The first computers to feature a GUI.

The Lisa tester application allows testers to modify user interface elements of the Apple smartwatch prototype.

The Springboard zoom app inside Lisa Tester is very similar to the original watchOS home screen, which the company made available via its first smartwatch in 2015.

There is no digital crown for navigation, and the buttons along the right side of the case can alternatively be used The Home button is not used on the front and what appears to be the Volume Up and Down buttons on the left side and may not work.

When you click on Settings, the device reports that it has not received FCC sales approval, again confirming that the device is a prototype only.

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