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What is the Difference between Laravel and WordPress?

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What is the Difference between Laravel and WordPress?

Laravel:  Laravel is a free open source PHP framework. It was built for web application development using the model-view-control architectural pattern. The framework follows best practices that a developer should in terms of creating and operating a web application. Laravel uses database schemas, database migration and other best ways of operating websites. The framework specially designed for modern web application and other types of websites.

WordPress: WordPress is a also completely free open source content management system (CMS). It is built with the goal of creating websites whether using customizable themes or already given solutions. WordPress has already given themes and plugins. The user just need to install the theme and plugins and build the site.

 The question Difference between Laravel and WordPress arrives when someone needs to choose one from the above in order to create website for himself/herself or the client. Which is suitable for small websites and which is more suitable for heavy web applications.

Let’s break them down and understand them in depth.


Laravel is a PHP framework which is free and open-source. It uses best practice structure in developing web applications such as MVC (Model View Controller) which is easy for developers to start a project from scratch. Taylor Otwell founded Laravelin June 2011. Over 1 million web applications and websites use Laravel. The framework also have so many things that are pre-built such as auth (authentication). All the features of Laravel can be easily modified based on personal needs of developers. Developers needs to think at first what type of site they want. After that, they start creating web app or site with pre-built features and modifying them accordingly. They also can create on their ways. Laravel has given complete freedom over modifying application whatever way a person might want. Installing Laravel require command prompt or composer. It is given on the Laravel documentation website. After that, Laravel can be installed using the commands given on the documentation site.


WordPress is a free open-source CMS based on PHP programming language and MySQL and MariaDB. Matt Mullenweg founded WordPressin May 27 2003. The system has been around for a long time and from total of estimated 1.3 billion websites, around 455 million websites are built using WordPress right now according to Netcraft. It means around 20% of total websites are hosted in WordPress. The system uses theme-based system in creating website. Over 55000 different kinds of plugins are available in WordPress for modifying themes according to needs. WordPress experts can also create websites from scratch to provide specific solutions and meet the needs. WordPress sites not only can be built and hosted from PCs but also from native mobile app named WordPress in major operating systems such as Android or iOS.  

To know the Difference between Laravel and WordPress we must know about their similarities first.

Both Laravel and WordPress are used to create websites that are

  1. Functional
  2. Manageable
  3.  Understandable
  4. Useable

The goals of the two are to build user friendly as well as easy to use websites which can be managed simply. Their fame lies on transparency, simplicity and efficiency in finding solutions related to web.

 Now, let’s look at the Difference between Laravel and WordPress.     

Structures of Laravel and WordPress

Laravel has developer friendly structure and it is supported by excessive documentation on the internet.

On the other hand, WordPress search-engine friendly structure, which is used and easily can be ranked on the different search engines such as google.

Laravel is a web framework and WordPress is a system

Laravel is a framework that provides various features mainly for complex tasks that arises during development of web applications. Moreover the features includes authentication, database migration, data management, verification and many others.

WordPress on the other side is already built system that offers various types of customizable themes that can be adjusted based on a person’s personal needs. There are also thousands of different plugins available for modifying the site and adding new features.

Other Difference between Laravel and WordPress are


  1. Larevel uses simple validation and authorizations for web appliations.
  2. Laravel has easy and manageable way of automating tasks.
  3. Consistent database migration with Laravel is possible.
  4. Fast deployment of application.
  5. Already given authentication system.
  6. Easy integration of third party services.
  7. Large community support worldwide 


  1. WordPress uses clean permalink structure.
  2. Multiple categories to posts can be assigned.
  3. Uses integrated link management.
  4. Usable plugins for customizing features.
  5. Automatic features for formatting and editing text posts
  6. Easy integration of third party services.
  7. Large community support worldwide

Furthermore in conclusion of Difference between Laravel and WordPress we can say,

In developing complex web application and solve never-before-seen problems, Laravel is the best choice. Because it has pre-built features that make complex jobs easy for developers. Moreove Laravel is more useful for creating large data based websites such as payment getaway, booking service, project management apps. Laravel is equally for creating complex web applications and large scale e-commerce sites.