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5 Ways to Stay Healthy When You Are Working on Computers All Day & Night

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not always easy, especially when you workplace demands an extended hours of sitting in front of computers. In fact, eating well and staying stress free do not always help, when your job involves a lot of sitting hours. According to the Mayo Clinic, sitting behind the desk throughout the day is linked with cardiovascular disease, cancer and metabolic problems. To avoid these physical hazards, there are certain things you can actually do. Check out these five simple ways to stay healthy.

1. Level your Monitor

There should be a proper level maintained between the monitor and your eyes. The display of your computer should not be anywhere up or down from your eyes. Dr. Jim Sheedy, a specialist from Vision Performance Institute at Pacific University, opines that the scree level and the eyes should be in the uniform level, so that the person working on it should not face any trouble at least with the vision. By doing this, the person working on the computer has to make his eyes looking down about 10 degrees, which also helps in maintaining a healthy posture. In case, it’s lower or higher, the user has to adjust his position thus creating pain in the neck and back area. Sometimes, high displays also cause dry eye syndrome.

2. Incorporate Some Movement While Going to Workplace

Most of the time we take cars or buses while going workplace, but if your job involves a lot of sitting hours, the best you can do is to increase your movement outside office. While travelling to office, get down at a stoppage before the exact one. Travel rest of the distance on foot. That way you can work on those extra calories that you have accumulated while sitting on the chair throughout the day. You can even take stairs instead of lift if your office is located at the top floor.

3. Healthy Snacking is Important

In order to keep stress at bay, grow up the habit of healthy snacking at office. Sitting for long hours often makes you hungry but, most of the time your job hardly allows you to take a tiffin break. In such cases, you must keep healthy snacks at your access. This way you can even keep stress at bay. Researches have linked that hunger often causes stress, which further leads to depression. In such cases, the habit of healthy snacking with items like fruits and nuts can help.

4. Increase the Water Intake

Increasing your water intake can keep you hydrated throughout the day. Most of the time sitting in front of a computer and that too in an air conditioned room makes you dehydrated, which further leads to several health hazards. In such case, increasing water intake can help you out. A daily intake of 3 to 4 liters of water is the experts’ take on this, though you can also mix this with adequate quantity of fruit juice.

5. Say NO to Caffeine

Health experts across the world believe that caffeine offers a temporary relief from stress and deal with sleep issues at work. But, at the same time, it affects our metabolism. Moreover, it prevents you from falling asleep during the office hours, which sometimes affect your sleep at night. It creates a sheer lack of sleep which further makes you more dependent on caffeine and the result is pathetic in most cases. So grow a healthy habit by switching to herbal tea. You can also consider taking a short power nap inside office.

Keep in mind that practicing healthy habits at office can keep you stay fit, fine and healthy even if you are working long hours in front of computers. Many people are opting for best crossfit supplements to deal with this. Avail iHerb Hongkong code to get this.