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5 things you can do in iOS 14 that you never did before

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Brings Operating System iOS 14 brings a whole bunch of new features and improvements, and we’ve gathered nearly 5 of our favorites that you should try after downloading the update.

App Clips:

Feature (App ClipsA new way to interact with apps in iOS 14 if the developers make them available, as they can be run using (NFC), (QR codes) or web links, and run as a small version of the app on your phone without the need to install the app completely.

Add the widget to the main screen:

In iOS 14, you can hold down an empty area of ​​the screen to access edit mode and then tap the plus icon (top left), and you’ll then see a gallery of tools that allow you to drag and drop, adjust size, and create a format that changes dynamically depending on the time of day.

Application Library:

IOS 14 adds an app library that resembles a smarter version of the Android app drawer, where you can access the app library by going to the home screen from Settings to set whether newly installed apps will be added to one of your home screens or app library by default, but no You can customize the application library folders as it organizes your applications according to their own categories, but it is an easy way to arrange your home screen without much effort.

main screen:

With the app library available as a repository for all your apps, you don’t necessarily need to have all of those home screens anymore, so tap and hold on an empty area on any home screen, then tap the dots that appear at the bottom of the grid, where you can show and hide individual home screens by Check or uncheck the relevant boxes.

Picture-in-picture mode:

IPhone joins iPad in support of (Picture-in-picture) feature, picture-in-picture mode for videos with the arrival of the iOS 14 operating system, you do not have to do anything to enable this, just start watching a video on the web, YouTube, Netflix or any other application then Then exit the application, and the video will remain in its place, where you can click and hold on the video to move it or change its size, and note that application developers will have to add support for the new mode in their video applications as well.

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