5 things we want to see from Huawei in 2021

5 things we want to see from Huawei in 2021

was not 2020 year A good year for many technology companies, especially Huawei, as they were severely affected by the restrictions imposed by the US government, and impeded their spread, which prompted them to sell their sub-brand (Honor) Honor, and their plans to deploy 5G networks were hit hard while rejecting Many states work with it.

But with these setbacks, the P40 and its Mate 40 phones continued to compete strongly, especially when it came to imaging capabilities, and the Kirin 9000 processor it was developing was considered a very powerful processor and had the opportunity to compete strongly with corporate processors. Others, such as: Qualcomm, Apple and Samsung, but nonetheless, the company’s momentum is waning sharply, as evidenced by the decline in its share in the smartphone market.

While the fate of the company, at least outside of China, is still hazy, it is still an important player in the smartphone market and other technology fields, and then this is what we would like to see from the company in 2021:

1- The return of Google applications to Huawei phones:

Certainly, one of the first things that many people would like to see is the return of Google’s apps and services to Huawei phones again, and with the features of the App Gallery and the App Search Engine (Petal SearchThe company has improved application support throughout 2020, however the situation continues to hinder suitable smartphone launches.

Where the (P40 Pro) and (Mate 40 Pro) are among the most prominent phones in the market now, however, it is almost impossible to nominate them for the vast majority of consumers who rely on the famous Google services, in addition to that the user interface is still (EMUI 11It works with the Android OS version 10, which makes users vulnerable to not receiving the latest features and security updates provided by Android 11.

And now with the presence of a new US administration, there is a possibility that Google services may return to Huawei phones in the not too distant future, but in the event that the return of Google services fails, it is difficult for the company to compete in the smart phone market.

2- Foldable phones at an affordable price:

With many observers confirming that foldable phones are the next trend for most companies, but at the same time they are launched at an expensive price, and this is what appeared in the Huawei phone (Mate X), and then if the company wanted to stay at the top, the launch of a foldable phone at a price Suitable may be the best strategy for the company even if it does not contain Google services and applications.

3- More great cameras:

The advanced cameras in Huawei phones are among the most prominent features that attract consumers to buy them, and then the company must continue to support its upcoming phones with more advanced cameras to stay at the top, as we want the company to continue pushing image quality to the top.

By including larger and brighter sensors, solving the exposure problem, and increasing the quality of zoom even further, in addition, the company can offer slightly wider lenses to keep up with the competition while retaining the quality advantage.

4- A smartphone running Harmony OS:

Even if Huawei is allowed to take advantage of Google’s services in the future, it is unlikely that the company will want to fully rely on it again, so the company will often continue its plan to develop its own operating system (Harmony OS).

And now with The second trial version is launched For developers, the company is slowly approaching the launch of the final version, hence it is expected that in this year we will see a smartphone that works completely with the new operating system, and this launch is likely to be limited to China initially, so it will be interesting to see what it might look like The next phone.

5- Update the specifications of its smart watches:

Huawei smart watches emerged in 2020 as one of the best options, providing excellent battery life, robust designs, and a lot of advanced functions, however, further update is necessary to compete in this rapidly growing market.

Therefore, providing features such as: additional storage space, better support for third-party applications, and enabling advanced features when paired with non-company smartphones are strong steps forward and will contribute to the company’s growth in the market to compete more with other leading brands.

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