5 reasons to switch to Firefox

5 reasons to switch to Firefox

A web browser such as: Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge is the primary application in computers and mobile devices, which allows you to do many things, such as: check e-mail and social media accounts, read news, play videos, music and other things. .

And when talking about Web browsers The most popular, we find that the Google Chrome browser is undoubtedly the top of the list, as it has speed and efficiency, but nevertheless we find that Google is still significantly late in including the security features that users demand, such as: the option to disable third-party tracking cookies .

Alternatively, you can use the Firefox browser, which focuses on providing many built-in security and privacy features, such as: blocking third-party cookies and a wide range of other tracking technologies, in addition to many major security and privacy improvements that make you think seriously about Immediately switch to this browser and use it as your primary browser instead of Google Chrome.

1- Encrypted searches:

When you start using Firefox, a pop-up window will appear telling you that the browser is using encrypted searches, and this means: When you type a URL for a site, the browser must check something called the Domain Name System (DNS) to find out the numeric IP address that corresponds to the name of the site that you entered .

These searches are usually not encrypted, which could allow your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or hacker to retrieve a list of all the sites you visit, and then Firefox automatically directs all DNS requests to an encrypted service, regardless of which ISP you use. Unlike Chrome, which encrypts DNS requests only if your ISP provides this capability.

2- Enhanced Tracking Protection:

Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection feature provides you with protection from all types of tracking while browsing different websites, including: third-party cookies, cryptocurrency mining, fingerprinting, and other tracking processes Used by web sites.

3- limit Facebook tracking of your activity:

Firefox Browser offers you a powerful add-on called (Facebook Container) Designed specifically to protect you from tracking Facebook activity while browsing the Internet, such as: pressing the Like and Share buttons that appear on many web pages that record that you have visited the site that displays them, and the extension does not affect your experience of using Facebook itself, but it prohibits tracking tools Affiliate to Facebook in all other web sites.

4- Know if your email address appears in the data breaches:

Firefox browser allows you to know if your email address appears in a breach of the sites that you have registered with, through the (Firefox Monitor) service, which provides you with a summary of the violations that occurred to the websites that you registered with using this address, and then you will have an opportunity to change the registration data Your entry into the hacked site, or closing the account to ensure that hackers cannot access it.

5- Built-in tool to manage your passwords:

The tool (LockwiseManage the passwords you use when registering on various websites while using Firefox by saving any logins automatically and managing them in the browser itself.

In addition to that, the tool suggests strong passwords for you when you right-click on the password field in the concerned website, and the tool also offers mobile applications that allow you to sync logins through your Firefox account across all of your devices.

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