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5 most popular cryptocurrency platforms for this year

The prices of digital currencies increased in the European markets due to the high demand from investors in various countries of the world.

Coin occupied Bitcoin The largest share of interest, both in the short term and the long term.

Cryptocurrency trading is completely different from traditional markets, such as: Forex or Indices.

Given that they are relatively new assets, they are not affected by many of the same forces as other, more established markets.

Trading in digital currencies has gained great popularity among traders as a result of the tremendous profits that many have made from trading Bitcoin, To you Platforms to buy and sell digital currencies for 2021:

1- Plus500:

considered as Plus500 trading platform One of the first electronic platforms in this field, which was and still is a significant market share for interested investors.

Plus500 platform provides various exchange services, whether foreign or digital, and its products include other types, such as: commodities, indices and ETFs.

2- TradingView:

TradingView is a social network for traders and investors in the stock, futures and money markets and creates real-time data, charts and stock analysis for traders.

TradingView uses pine script – a cloud-based trader programming language that makes it easy for a trader to write and share technical analysis indicators and strategies.

And given that byteScript is a specialized programming language, you don’t need to write a lot of code, since several lines of a byte script are equivalent to hundreds of lines in other languages.

3- AvaTrade:

AvaTrade is one of the brokerage firms that emerged in 2006, and it is a financial broker for the foreign exchange and CFD trading market, with its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

AvaTrade provides trading capabilities in many markets, including Money markets, commodities, stock indices, ETFs, andVanilla options, cryptocurrencies, and bonds, via trading platforms and smartphone applications.

4- Admiral Markets:

Admiral Markets is a brokerage firm located in Tallinn, the capital of the European Republic of Estonia.

The company was established in 2001, and since that period it has continued to expand Its activity and improvement of its services in the field of financial intermediation.

Today, it supports the trading of a wide range of assets, including stocks and foreign currencies as well Buying and selling digital currencies In addition to contracts for difference, indices and others.

5- ZuluTrade:

The ZuluTrade platform allows – and is A Greek financial technology company that operates an online and mobile trading platformFor users to trade in currenciesIt was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Athens, Greece.

Potential risks of dealing with digital currencies:

  1. The use of digital currencies may increase pressure on the financial and monetary authorities, as it is considered a challenge because dealing in a circulated currency that is subject to market price needs formal legislative decisions.
  2. The currency may be exposed to many risks, including those related to its legal status. Therefore, clear legislation must be issued that regulates dealing in this currency from all sides.
  3. Another risk is the ability to electronic protection of the currency from the piracy operations that it has previously suffered
    Cryptocurrency trading platforms.
  4. The fluctuations that occur in many times in the financial and cryptocurrency markets are one of the most important risks, and you must know Whether the state monetary authorities will link The exchange rate of the currency is in the local currency or in the US dollar, bearing in mind that both matters make it vulnerable to market fluctuations.

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