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5 Great Third-party Apple Watch Apps

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Apple Watch comes loaded with a variety of apps to get you started. However, much like your iPhone or iPad, you’ll want to customize your Apple Watch to suit your specific needs and tastes. I’ve gathered a concise who’s-who of third-party apps that provide functionality and add some fun to your Apple watch experience.


Mail for Apple Watch is tied directly to the Mail app on your iPhone. It is a serviceable way to look at and make quick decisions about your email, but you may find it lacking for your own needs. A great alternative is the Outlook app from Microsoft. Yes, I said Microsoft. The Outlook app on the iPhone is a superb app all around, but is particularly good at handling email (and juggling multiple accounts). The ability to work with multiple accounts in separate ways is a nice touch. Outlook for iOS also comes with an Apple Watch app, so if you download the app for your iPhone it will automatically be added to your Apple Watch. I have to say that in my experience the Outlook app interface works best for how I like to do things. There are other email apps for Apple Watch that are very good at what they do, but Outlook is not only good at email, calendars and contacts – it’s also free. That’s a mighty powerful combination in my book.


Apple Watch already comes with it’s own Weather app, which is good in it’s own right. However, the interface and the way it displays weather may not suit your fancy. That is the case for me, and I searched high and low for other weather alternatives, finally arriving at AccuWeather. AccuWeather’s iOS app is exceptional, not only at displaying the weather but in it’s accuracy (hence it’s name, I suppose). I was elated to find they had released an Apple Watch app, and was very pleased with it from the get-go. You can not only get your forecasts and other information by accessing the app on your Apple Watch, you can also enable the glance for AccuWeather, so you only need to swipe up on the Apple Watch clock face to get a quick look at current weather conditions.


Citymapper was one of the first apps available for Apple Watch, and it is the dream transit app for both iPhone and Apple Watch users. If you need to know how to get around in a city, you cannot go wrong with (or do any better than) Citymapper. Citymapper isn’t a replacement for the Apple Watch’s built-in Maps app; instead it shows you the transit options and schedules for whatever city you may be in, assuming the city is currently supported. Depending on the cities offerings, you’ll find buses, trains, and other options to help you get around. To date Citymapper can meet all your transit needs in 29 cities around the globe, including Philadelphia, Hong Kong, Rome, Boston, Lyon, Singapore, Chicago, New York, and more. Citymapper is always on the lookout for new cities, but they need help with folks on the ground. If you’d like your city to be the next to get the Citymapper treatment, visit their website at and add your city to the list.


So, you’re walking in your hotel and you step into the elevator, and suddenly you hear a song that reminds you of your glory days as a teen in the 80’s. But you can’t remember the song’s title or who sings it, and you’ll have to exit the elevator in a few seconds! You could whip out your iPhone, find the Shazam app, and try to tag the song, but you only precious few seconds and you can’t get to your iPhone quicly enough. No problem! Fire up the Shazam app on your Apple Watch and it’ll do the tagging for you! Not only that, but Shazam will even provide the lyrics in case you’re having difficulty singing along.

Trivia Crack

At this early point in Apple Watch history , I have to say that many of the games for Apple Watch are a bit lacking, but there are some that are more than doing their fair share to offer hope for the future. One of those is Trivia Crack, which can be dangerously addictive if you’re not careful. Trivia Crack is available across multiple platforms already (such as Facebook, Twitter, and iOS), and now this it’s on Apple Watch you’ll be pursuing your trivia fix (get it – pursuing trivia?) no matter where you are. Trivia Crack offers seven categories of questions to keep your brain stimulated: art, science, sports, entertainment, history and geography. There’s something for everyone! You compete against other folks via the Internet or just in your circle of friends