5 devices that caught the most attention at IFA 2020

5 devices that caught the most attention at IFA 2020

Although the annual consumer products exhibition IFA 2020 did not witness a large audience like previous years due to the Coronavirus pandemic, as usual, many wonderful traditional devices such as: giant televisions and virtual reality glasses, in addition to many new devices related to epidemics that help To prevent them.

Here are 5 devices that caught the most attention at the annual IFA 2020:

1- Battery Operated Air Purifying Mask:

5 devices that caught the most attention at IFA 2020

Although LG did not explicitly mention that it developed this mask during this period due to the Corona pandemic, all indications are that the wearable air technology device, which it called (PuriCareIt was developed in response to the epidemic.

The wearable air purification mask uses a pair of replaceable filters, paired with battery-powered fans to help you breathe, LG says: “The air purifier mask contains sensors to detect when you breathe, and those sensors adjust fan speeds accordingly, and the battery The compact rechargeable battery will provide up to eight hours of playback.

2- Smart Watch with Military Specifications:

Honor announced a new smartwatch during IFA 2020, which it named (Honor Watch GS ProThe smartwatch is designed to withstand severe stress, and the watch has passed 14 classes of the US Army standard hardness test.

The watch also comes with the feature of water resistance to a depth of 50 meters, and contains a circular AMOLED touch screen measuring 1.39 inches, with a built-in heart rate monitoring feature, a global positioning system (GPS), and comes with more than 100 modes of exercise, with Up to 25 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, 48 hours with GPS.

3- Smart TV LED strip to change ambient lighting:

Philips smart TV owners can now add LEDs on a TV to change the ambient lighting according to screen colors.The gradient lighting strip announced at IFA 2020 adheres to the back of the TV and automatically syncs its LEDs with screen content. .

Our strip LED lights offer more than 16 million colors and come in three different sizes For Philips TV screens In sizes 55, 65 and 75 inches, to customize LED colors, speed and intensity, the user will need an app Philips Hue Sync For desktop or Philips Hue Play HDMI sync box with phone Hue Sync app.

4- A smart dishwasher that works with ultraviolet rays:

The French company (Daan Tech) announced at IFA 2020 a small-sized dishwasher, which it named (Bob), But it is not only that, but it also performs a UV rays sterilization process to effectively kill viruses and bacteria in dirty dishes and cups, and you can also use it to clean single-use face masks in addition to home and car keys.

5- The first projector with triple laser technology:

5 devices that caught the most attention at IFA 2020

Company announced Samsung At IFA 2020, the latest in advanced new home entertainment devices, a laser projector called (Samsung Premiere) Provides a 4K short throw allowing for a great cinematic experience at home.

The company plans to present two models of the device, namely: (LSP9T), which offers a display of 130 inches, with a peak brightness of 2800 lumens, and the company claims to be the first certified display device in the world with (HDR10 +) with triple laser technology, and the second (LSP7T) which Offering a display of 120 inches, both models fully support the Samsung Smart TV platform, with a full range of applications and services available on any other recent Samsung TV.

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