4 things Samsung must improve in its phones in 2021

4 things Samsung must improve in its phones in 2021

Samsung is one of the most important companies in the tech market, and it has seen great success during 2020 year, Despite the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic adversely affecting all sectors.

During the year 2020, Samsung launched many devices, and competed strongly in the smartphone market, launching many phones for all categories, there are excellent flagship phones with the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 series, and more than one foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold 2 And topped the leading phones sector at competitive prices through the unexpected phone (Galaxy S20 FE).

It also provided many mid-range phones through the Galaxy A and Galaxy M series, which include a variety of phones that offer you everything you want at reasonable prices.

Add all of that along with great accessories and its commitment to provide three years of OS updates for many of its devices, and despite all this there are some things that Samsung needs to improve in its phones during 2021:

1- Improving foldable phones screens to work with the S-Pen:

4 things that Samsung must improve in its phones during 2021

The Galaxy Note series phones have enjoyed great popularity since their first launch in 2011, as they are characterized by a large screen, a smart stylus and a stylish, distinctive design, in addition to their support for unique features to increase productivity, but over the past few months many reports have emerged indicating that Samsung It will stop producing new phones in the Galaxy Note series in 2021.

Other reports also indicated that Samsung will include the S Pen stylus that this series phones are famous for in other phones, including: Galaxy S21 Ultra, and the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3.

There is no doubt that the idea of ​​a foldable phone like: (Galaxy Z Fold 3) supporting the (S Pen) is incredibly exciting, but in this case Samsung needs to find a way to improve the durability of the ultra-thin glass (UTG) it used in the phone (Galaxy) Z Fold) foldable.

The (UTG) glass used in the Galaxy Z Fold is a major improvement in Samsung’s foldable screens compared to the plastic screen that you used in the original Galaxy Fold, but it is still far from the durability you get in a traditional smartphone screen. .

Whereas, it is very easy to scratch the Z Fold 2 screen if you are not careful, although (UTG) is technically a kind of glass, and Samsung uses a screen protector to try to mitigate this, but you end up with a touch experience. Much worse.

If Samsung expects us to draw and navigate the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s screen using the hard head of the S Pen, it needs to find a way to improve the durability of the UTG glass it uses in its foldable phones.

2- Presenting a rival phone to the Pixel 4a from Google:

The Galaxy S20 FE was one of Samsung’s biggest gains in 2020, as it provided 90% of the specifications and features of the Galaxy S20 series phones, but at a lower price, so it was very successful.

But it turns out that the phone, at a price of $ 700, is not able to compete with other low-cost phones that dominated the market in 2020 such as: Pixel 4a – which is available for almost half the price of $ 349 – the Moto G Power, and the second generation of the iPhone SE. .

Therefore, Samsung should consider in 2021 a phone capable of competing with the Pixel 4a. Sure, Samsung had versions, such as: Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 5G, but neither of them captured the same position that Google achieved with the Pixel 4a phone.

Whether Samsung will offer this phone within the Galaxy S series or Galaxy A, it must offer a phone at a price ranging from $ 300 to $ 400, and has a great camera system, and has strong specifications and features.

Google has done this for two years by introducing the Pixel 3a and Pixel 4a phones, and Apple has also done it during 2020 by introducing the second generation of the phone. iPhone SE Starting at $ 399, it’s time Samsung did the same.

3- Get rid of curved screens:

4 things that Samsung must improve in its phones during 2021

Samsung is one of the most important companies in the production of screens, so its phones come with powerful screens, and Samsung was the first company to introduce the curved screen in smart phones during 2014 in a phone (Galaxy Note EdgeMost smartphone manufacturers have followed this trend. However, over time, the curved screens turned out to have several disadvantages.

Samsung’s relationship with curved screens during 2020 was strange, as all Galaxy S20 series phones came with technically curved screens, but the curvature was so subtle that it might have been flat as well.

The Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S20 FE were also introduced with completely flat screens, but the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra came with a curved screen and that was one of the drawbacks of the phone, which was considered wonderful in everything.

To avoid something like this from happening again; Samsung needs to fully stick to flat screens in all of its devices. So far, things are very hopeful. Where the leaks indicate that all the phones of the Galaxy S21 series that Samsung will announce tomorrow will come with flat screens.

4- Providing three years of updates for more phones:

4 things that Samsung must improve in its phones during 2021

When we think of companies providing Android OS updates for their phones quickly, Samsung will not be one of these companies, and this is something the company has worked to improve over the years.

But during 2020; Samsung has taken the most important step ever in this matter, pledging to provide three years of major Android system updates to many smartphones and tablets.

The current list of phones that support this is fairly long, including: the Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy S20, Note 10, Note 20, Galaxy A51, Galaxy A71, and more.

However; Several low-cost Samsung phones are noticeably absent from this list. The three-year update promise does not apply to any of the Galaxy M series or Galaxy F series phones – many of which are on the market – as well as the Galaxy A21s, Galaxy A31, and more.

It was great to see that Samsung is taking OS updates seriously this year, but as is currently the case, you need to purchase a flagship or midrange phone from Samsung if you want to get OS updates, so it should ask This feature is for many low-cost phones.

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