3D Home uses artificial intelligence to estimate the size of your home

3D Home uses artificial intelligence to estimate the size of your home

Announced Zillow believes that the 3D Home app can create home floor plans based on user-uploaded scans.

The new feature is available, backed by technology Artificial intelligence Of the company, in its 3D Home app, and it could be of use to people looking to relocate during a pandemic.

3D Home was originally launched in 2019 as a way to provide clients with a more comprehensive way to display listings across its site, as well as provide an easy way to create listings for real estate agents.

Using a 360-degree phone or camera and the 3D Home app, you can upload a series of images that the app can combine into a 3D tour.

It’s not the same as having an actual tour of the house, but it tells you more about the space than photo or video tours can show.

The new floor plans created by artificial intelligence add another layer of information to that equation.

With a 3D Home Tour and Floor Plan available, anyone viewing a menu via the Zillow website or app can click on a specific room on the floor plan to go to that portion of the tour.

Floor plans can be downloaded for use on industry-standard sites, like the multi-menu service, Zillow says.

In addition to creating a map of your home, Zillow also says: AI can predict dimensions of rooms and square spaces based on the images you upload.

It is difficult to say without testing how accurate AI is at guessing these measurements, but with the feature now available in 25 markets, with more appearing throughout the year, there’s a good chance you can try it yourself.

And 3D Home’s expansion makes sense for people looking to move during a pandemic without being able to view the home safely.

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