3 ways Google could outperform Apple One

3 ways Google could outperform Apple One

While hours (Apple Watch) And devices IPad The new revealed by Apple this week is shiny, as it is not the most important product that came out of the event, as the new Apple One service that provides you with all the distinguished Apple services at a single monthly price is the brightest service during the event, and we can only hope that Google decides to do This is more and better than Apple, especially considering that Google’s digital package has been around for five years already.

3 ways Google could outperform Apple One:

  • YouTube Premium Upgrade:

If Google wanted to design its group according to entertainment, it could start quite easily by adding a new feature to YouTube Premium that includes (Google Play Pass) and (Google Stadia).

Play Pass may not justify itself with a standalone subscription of $ 5 per month, but with two dollars per month in a $ 20 package of YouTube Premium, Google Play Pass and Google Stadia it makes more sense.

We have entered an era in which digital health is about more than the number of steps and exercises, it’s about limiting screen time and being more aware of what you and your family choose, and Google already has the tools to help families do exactly these things using Family Link and helping individuals do the same thing from During (Digital Wellbeing) on ​​Android.

Boosting these services a little while bringing in a comprehensive dashboard to manage things like Google Play Family Library content and Google One storage and parental controls over the features every child can access can help create a better family package, especially for families where not all are. A member old enough to create their own Google account.

Google could also add options to get some of the more important G Suite benefits like full Google Meet options and improved support without families spending $ 6 a month for a G Suite account that tends to get stuck in weird ways.

If you offered a $ 25 family package through (Google One) with YouTube Premium and (Play Pass) and a powerful dashboard around privacy, luxury, and the ability to continue using the full benefits of Google Meet once the free trial that everyone tested this summer expires, it won’t One can resist.

YouTube TV:

YouTube TV actually justifies its price somewhat on its own, but these days, the monthly price of $ 65 needs something more to justify the fact that it is between $ 10 and $ 20 more expensive than its competitors, and bundles it with Google One or YouTube Premium. This is exactly what users are looking for.

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