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How to Promote Your Business With Landing Page

What is the Landing Page?

The landing page is a standalone web page created specifically for the purpose of generating leads by advertising products or services. The lead could be the email id or the contact information of the visitor.  These landing pages are served through calls to action (CTA) to increase conversions. For example, when the visitor clicks on Facebook Ad or Google ads or search engine result pages (SERPs) to get the awareness of your products and services, they are driven to your Landing Page to get them subscribed to the NewsLetter for daily or weekly updates or to add them further to your marketing funnel.  

Difference between a Website and a Landing Page

When you would like to drive your visitors or potential customers to purchase your products or services then you would create your website using a website builder like LeadPages, Wix, WordPress, Blogger, etc. The website has information like About, Your offerings, Company Information, Blog, etc.There is an important difference between a website and a Landing Page. Driving traffic to your website where multiple products and services are listed with different navigations may result in confusion among the customers those are having specific requirements. Whereas the Landing Page is a web page or form with no navigation, specifically created to achieve the campaigning goal. The landing page is created for the visitor to cater to his/her requirement and to convert into leads like sign-up process. A landing page is designed as an email lead generating page having the form fields to capture the email ids of the customers who are interested in buying the products or services or it could be a Sales page with a special discount or offer which is not there on the business website to attract the visitors. You may refer my article on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to achieve your website page and Landing page to rank high on search engines like google search or bing etc to get higher conversion rates. Find out how to create a free website using Google Site. 

Types of Landing Page

Sales Landing Page To attract the audience with an eye-catching headline or valuable offer to buy your products or services. 
Webinar Landing Page To attract the audience to register for your webinar. 
Click-through Landing Page This could contain the video of the product to demonstrate its use and features and testimonials. 

Why You Need Landing Page

  • To Market your business and achieve your goals
  • To convert your leads into your customers
  • To grow your email list
  • To generate data and insights
  • To create your Brand Identity
  • To improve your brand awareness

Tool To Make A Great Landing Page

LeadPages is an online tool that you can use to generate beautiful and professional Landing Pages to grow the email list of your subscribers. It enables you to build your entire website much like Squarespace and Wix as well.
It allows you to create your Sales Page to drive customers to purchase your product and services by landing them on your website’s product page. You can create Leadboxes just like popups that you can trigger automatically or based on click-to-call (CTC) action.
Once the Leadbox is published, you’ll be able to choose how it’s triggered.
You can trigger it by a:

  • Plain text link
  • Button link
  • Image link
  • Timed popup
  • Exit-intent popup

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How to Promote your Landing Page

1. Email Campaign is the most preferred way to promote your Landing Page. By sharing the URL of your Landing Page in the email templates you could generate the awareness of your offerings. When your subscribers or existing customers would have awareness and trust in your offerings, it would be a great possibility to again go through for the products and services that result in better conversion rates.
Aweber is the best tool for email marketing. Sign up for free to check out the email templates and Landing Pages.  
2. Post to Social Media is another best way to promote your Landing Page. Find out how you can create your Facebook Ad.