165 companies are asking the European Union to account for Google

165 companies are asking the European Union to account for Google

A group of 165 companies and industry entities invited antitrust enforcement agencies in European Union To take a tougher stance against a company Google, saying: The US tech giant unfairly favors its own services in internet searches.

The group includes 165 companies and industrial entities American and British companies as well as counterparts in 21 European Union countries.

The group sent a joint letter to the head of European Union antitrust (Margaret Westager) Margrethe Vestager today is Thursday.

The message said: Google gives its services, such as those related to housing, travel and jobs, preferential status in search results, and urges the European Union to take quick action to stop this practice.

Google refuted assertions that it prefers its services unfairly, and said: Its users are not imprisoned and that competition through its services is available online.

A Google representative said: Google gives people the most relevant search results they can trust.

He added: People don’t expect us To favor certain companies or commercial competitors over others, or to stop launching beneficial services that bring more choice and competition to Europeans.

Westager has imposed fines totaling 8.25 billion euros ($ 9.7 billion) against Google in the past three years for abusing its market power in favor of comparison shopping service, the Android operating system and ads.

The group consists of 135 companies providing online services in addition to 30 industrial associations.

Among the two signatories to the letter, Yelp and Expedia , Trivago, Kelkoo, Stepstone, and Foundem.

“While we compete to provide the best consumer experience, there is one common competitor that is not competing fairly.”

She added: Google gained unjustified benefits through preferential treatment of its services on public search results pages through OneBoxes.

OneBoxes summarizes Information and images are boxed near the top of search results, and they’re often ways for local businesses to get more visibility.

The group explained that the digital marketplace law may take a long time to come into effect, and urged Vestager to act quickly to ensure that Google treats its competitors equally in search results.

“Many of us may not have the strength and resources to wait for such regulations to take effect,” the group said.

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